Sheesh. No need to scream at the keyboard sir. I assure it’s just us talking. It’s a safe space hombre.

(clears throat) In any case, once again, I did not insinuate you were a racist/bigot because of your differing opinions from mine. I implied you simply don’t like Kaep based on whatever personal belief you have that pushes the notion that he doesn’t deserve to hold a football ever again in the NFL

I don’t dismiss you personally used “advanced analytics” to make the case that he should never be signed on a NFL team or even simply given a chance/workout to showcase what he can and can’t do to help out a team but again, there are professional analysts who actually have stated that his skills were “above average” during his last season before he became a free agent. Not elite but not terrible either.

You claim to have the facts that back up your stance and I’m simply ignoring them as some sort of weird perception that I’m part of some collective group of people ruining conversation but you yourself are running with facts that you like and make your case instead of looking at the broad spectrum. His matter of not playing in the league isn’t simply cut and dry. The collapse of the Super Bowl-contending 49ers due to internal politics, lack of team direction, Kaep’s injuries, as well as him speaking up for human rights play a factor in all of this and that’s just a small summary. Those are facts you should look into instead of simply shrugging off.

Now in regards to my stance on Kaep playing in the NFL again, it’s simply an opinion I have on the matter. I’m not a personal fan of his neither am I dismissing the other QBs to received workouts or signings before he did. I’m looking at his situation, his current skillset, which teams need a decent backup to play for their team, and I believe he fits the bill. Again, he deserves that fair chance like everybody else. That’s not a terrible thing to say. Just trust me on this.

In regards to my opinions, I mean I don’t really have to say this but you know whatever (shrugs) my opinions, whether on this website or any other social media platform, are strictly my own. They do not represent my colleagues, our readers, or anybody else’s. So I don’t know where you got this assumption that I’m part of “some mob” but you are terribly mistaken duke. I implied you simply don’t like the guy. I don’t know the reason. Could be his hair. Could be his game (shrugs). I don’t know and I would rather not spend my time figuring that out.

One more thing, I do find it out funny you think the League would lose billions of dollars by giving one person a simple workout or just signing him to a backup role. Ever heard the phrase “too big to fail?” Maybe some sponsors would pull out support for the NFL but it wouldn’t lead to its collapse. The NFL could easily gain new ones and improve their PR to boot. Heck, the Nike Campaign from last year saw a boost in sales for the sneakers when some thought that nobody would buy their shoes because Kaep’s face was plastered over the brand. Nobody died and the company made money.

If you claim that you are a solo thinker, then maybe actually consider his point of his view. Look at it from both sides instead of simply your own or the ones you like. Throwing insults my way doesn’t help your cause neither does it showcase you looked at this matter thoroughly. It just makes you look puerile dude.

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