My goodness sir. I never insinuated anything. You just assumed I called you a bigot. I don’t know you enough to know if you’re a bigot. Heck, for all I know, you probably don’t like his hair which is why you’re so adamant about him not being in the NFL (shrugs).

In regards to the aforementioned backup QBs, my point of highlighting them isn’t to say they don’t deserve work in the NFL. They’re professional athletes and worked hard to get to where they are. Even though they’re not among “the elites,” my point is that they were given fair opportunities to play in the league. They’re not perfect but they can offer something just in case a starting QB goes down. Kaep may not be the same player as he once was five years ago but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a fair workout to provide some depth to a team.

Also, the so-called “drama” you highlight is him essentially fighting for human rights. He spoke about something that’s considered “taboo” and let’s face it if he never highlighted those issues he more than likely would’ve had a job by now. And that’s the whole point of this article: he hasn’t gotten a fair deal. The Social Justice Initiative that the NFL created with Roc Nation doesn’t involve the man who highlighted these issues. Plus, they keep trying to “sweep the under the rug” the “elephant in the room” about him not being the NFL. It’s not a subject matter that’s going away whether or not if I speak on it.

They are also players who believe that Kaep deserves a fair shot to play in the league again who are currently on rosters right now. Some well known like Saquon Barkley while others in private. He never retired. He never once uttered the word “retirement.” Plus it’s no hidden secret that NFL executives are not fond of him speaking out. Plenty of professional reporters with notoriety have stated that.

I doubt you’ll look at it from another perspective. I doubt you’ll even care to do so. You probably will think that you’re entitled to dictate who should play and who shouldn’t. I don’t know your standards but maybe try to see the larger picture here instead of pretending it doesn’t exist. Feigning ignorance won’t help your beliefs. But again.. “GO AWWF”

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