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Is it the professional athlete’s job to be educated and highlight the importance of being vaccinated?

“I’m sorry sir but you tested positive for COVID-19.”

I first heard those words on April 5, 2020. I was stuck at home with my family due to the shutdown. I was masked up and keeping my distance from everybody after I had my COVID test done at a local…

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Simmons' time in Philly may come to an end but finding a new home may be more difficult than it seems

The Philadelphia 76ers were eliminated this past Sunday in a heartbreaking loss to the Atlanta Hawks 103–96. After an MVP season from superstar Joel Embiid, and obtaining the number one spot in the Eastern Conference and homecourt, it did not matter because limited shot creation, unimaginative offensive schemes, and failed…

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What I learned from disappointment and failure and how it applies to the Knicks and Grizzlies’ seasons

Nobody wants to lose but we all have to learn to deal with it.

Failure is a part of progression. You try, you fail, you try again until you reach the end. Whether you succeed or give up, that is entirely up to you. That is normal in the human…

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Jeering at sports athletes are not the same as a flat out personal attack on them or their families

The NBA Playoffs are here so you know this is the time when weird, “out there” news takes over the cycle in conjunction with the actual games. You don’t know why this happens. It just does for whatever reason. The latest discussion happening in the discourse is in response to…

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The Future Hall of Famer doesn’t need a championship to certify his future as an NBA legend and people need to accept that

Last month Washington Wizards All Star Russell Westbrook made history by recording another historic triple double performance with 35 points and 20 assists in a win against the Indiana Pacers. It was feat worthy to witness since you do not see many athletes have the kind of performances like Westbrook…

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You can’t whine about something you agreed to do just because you didn’t think it would happen to you

The NBA Play-In Tournament is a flawed concept.

Let’s just get that out of the way. It is an entirely new format that was formed last year in NBA’s “Bubble Experiment.” It seemed way too ridiculous to be an effective stratagem to end the “tanking” methods of losing teams and…

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Barrett is not a highlight reel in the NBA but his game works because it gets the job done and his team wins

“RJ kinda boring .”

That’s what I told myself while watching him play an excellent game against the Houston Rockets Sunday night. You are probably confused by my statement. I just called RJ Barrett “boring” but “he played an excellent game.” That might seem like a misnomer but it really…

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Breaking down the futures of Frank Ntilikina and Kevin Knox, the performance of this regime so far, the 2021 NBA Draft, who’s likely to be traded, Thibs’ nature as a head coach, and the team approaching the dreaded “P-Word” and what it means for them

Hey there! It is time for Part Two of this here “FAQ-ish” series!

So far, the New York Knicks are still deep in the playoff hunt with a .500 record at 22–22. They are currently positioned in the 6th seed but this wacky NBA season can easily knock them to…

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